Recognition & Testimonials

JMA was founded on the principle that its valuations, products/services, and business relationships be the best received and experienced by any client. Since becoming an eminent domain appraisal practice we have worked with multiple highway departments, utility companies, etc. and the consultants, reviewers and attorneys with whom they work. These clients have come to rely on the excellence in product and service provided to successfully negotiate sensitive acquisition claims and complete projects on/ahead of schedule, and keep project costs under control with accurate valuations and qualified expert witness support.

Over the years, as a result of our attention to providing superior valuations and professional service, our clients have routinely commended JMA and the work of its associates, noting the overall benefit that its services have brought to the successful completion of critical and complex projects and in reducing condemnations and providing superior expert witness testimony.


  • May 2008 – Federal Highway Administration Excellence in Right-of-Way – Streamlining and Integration Award
    In May 2008, JMA received the FHWA’s Excellence in Right of Way award ‘In recognition of outstanding innovations that enhance the right-of-way professionals’ ability to meet the challenges associated with acquiring real property for a federal-aid project.’ This award was for JMA’s work on the Route 460 Grundy Relocation Project, a joint partnership between VDOT, the US Army Corp of Engineers and the Town of Grundy that involved a new highway, flood protection infrastructure and the relocation of the downtown Grundy business district to a new site.
  • 1992 & 1993 – National recognition awards
    During the period prior to becoming an eminent domain focused practice, JMA was a national appraisal practice, valuing investment-grade properties and holdings for syndication and pension funds. JMA was awarded consecutive national recognition awards from Phoenix Home Life, a prominent member of NCREIF (National Association of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries), in 1992 and 1993, for excellence in real estate valuation and appraisal.


Regarding appraisals and expert witness testimony for NCDOT/NCDOJ:

“Please allow me this opportunity to express appreciation to you and your associates for the excellent appraisal work, trial preparation, and presentation of evidence at trial provided by your staff in highway condemnation litigation. As supervisor of the trial attorneys in the Condemnation Unit . . . it is my duty to assure that the [NCDOT] is adequately represented and prepared for trial in condemnation matters. . . . Essential to that is that we have competent and fair appraisals of the fair market value of property affected. Your company has consistently provided appraisal assistance in a very professional manner, providing independent analyses and opinions without becoming an advocate for the condemner.”

W. Richard Moore

Former Special Deputy Attorney General

North Carolina Department of Justice


Regarding two complicated Northern Virginia VDOT projects:

“Working with the McCracken team these last three years on these two very complex projects has been enlightening and a joy for the entire acquisition team in NoVA. As I have indicated several times in the past, working side by side with you and your associates has been a breath of fresh air, because I assure you, we have never worked with a more experienced and dedicated team of appraisers.”

“Regarding court cases, I can’t express enough our satisfaction in NoVA Right of Way with the professionalism and preparation shown by you and your team in recent court cases on the Merrifield project. [The appraiser’s] preparation and testimony was nothing short of magnificent in the Taco Bell case. As you are well aware, VDOT won that case and in doing so, that one award alone paid for your services for the entire project. In fact, Central Office has requested a copy of the [case] Transcript for training our appraisers and others on how to prepare for and perform on the stand.”

James M. Moore

Former Assistant Right-of-Way Manager, Sr.

Virginia Department of Transportation


Regarding JMA’s excellence in performance, quality, and adaptability to client needs on complicated projects and assignments:

“I seldom have the opportunity to write a letter like this, and, when the opportunity comes along, I am quick to take advantage of it. . . .

Curt Jackson, District Right of Way Manager in Bristol, first told me about the great work you did for him in Grundy and on other projects. In doing so, he did a good deed by alerting me to the existence of what has come to be an invaluable resource for our Northern Virginia District: you, your firm, and your extraordinarily competent and dedicated staff of appraisers. Your ability to deal with multiple competing demands, your adaptability to changes in deadlines and workloads, your willingness to take on new assignments even when it strains your resources, and your ability to work so well with Jim Moore and our District appraisal staff is nothing short of miraculous. Even on those occasions when we have put you to the test by stretching your resources to the limit, you always manage to exceed the limit.

I am particularly pleased with the excellent appraisal reports we have received. They consistently demonstrate your staff’s ability to analyze complex information and market trends in what is often unfamiliar territory. These reports are a joy to read: they explain valuation opinions and the basis for those opinions in language even a lawyer can understand (and I assure you that is no mean feat). As a consequence of your appraisers’ ability to communicate clearly, we have seen landowners and their lawyers give up attacking your appraisals; instead, they are forced to scurry around trying to find someone who is willing to support their own unrealistic notions of valuation. I am confident that when we take some of these cases to trial, the jury will recognize quickly whose evidence is unbiased and totally professional. . . .

You know what a trial we have suffered on the Merrifield and Gainesville projects. I can only say that we would be well under water without your firm’s efforts. [Your Staff] have pitched in right beside you to ease our burden and help us stay ahead of the unrealistic deadlines that have been forced on us. We could not do that without you. The extraordinary professionals that you have made available to us have been unfailingly conscientious, dependable, committed to meeting or beating deadlines, and have all consistently exceeded our expectations.”

D. Brian Costello

Attorney & Regional Right-of-Way Manager

Virginia Department of Transportation


Regarding the review of appraisals in West Virginia:

“I though I would . . . reaffirm what a great job your appraisers are doing and how pleased I am to finally be reviewing “quality reports” again.

As you know, the majority of my review work is in Pennsylvania and the overall quality of eminent domain appraisal reports that I have reviewed for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has been disappointing to say the least. After leaving the West Virginia Department of Transportation a few years ago, I have not had the opportunity to review any reports (in the capacity of a review consultant) prepared by your firm until recently . . . [Y]our staff was always quick to respond and more than willing to listen to any additional comments or suggestions offered by the reviewer. They even coordinated site inspections and accommodated my busy schedule to facilitate keeping the project on track.

During my tenure as a review appraiser covering several states that include Missouri, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, l can honestly say that I have not worked with a more professional group of individuals with such an extensive background in eminent domain appraisal. . . . and I just wanted to tell you what a great pleasure it has been working with your firm again.”

R. Scott Barber

Managing Partner

Appraisal Review Specialists, LLC


Regarding work by JMA for WVDOT in letter of recommendation to VDOT:

“As we discussed, the [WVDOT] has relied upon the appraisal services of [JMA] for approximately 15 years. . . . Without exception, we have found the work product supplied by JMA to be of superior quality. All of their reports are well documented and prepared in a professional manner, and provide supportable estimates of value. These reports have been prepared on practically every type of property typically encountered . . . and when necessary, have provided a basis for expert witness testimony of the highest quality at all levels of litigation.

As we also discussed, the condemnation rate on projects where JMA is involved is consistently lower than that of similar projects. [On a recent project,] of the 150 appraisals completed by one member of JMA, testimony has been required at only two jury trials. Additionally, we were successfully able to defend a recent inverse condemnation action where there was no physical taking. While potentially financially devastating, a loss would have set an extremely difficult precedent to overcome. It is my firm opinion that the expertise provided by JMA on this case was instrumental in obtaining a favorable outcome.

In summary, I can, without reservation, recommend [JMA] for any eminent domain project regardless of complexity, accelerated time frame, or magnitude.

William F. Henrichs, III

Former Chief Appraiser, Appraisal Section, Right of Way Division

West Virginia Department of Transportation